Toronto, Ontario

Please Join All About Training for our Toronto SEO + Social Network Marketing Training + Social Media Marketing Workshop- Search Engine Optimization Workshop July 19, 2010 from 8am to 5pm. You will learn the following during this powerful Toronto SEO Workshop:

Basic SEO Day 1 You Will Learn:
•What is the proper Key word density?
•What words will trigger your visitors to become long term customers?
•What are 7 things you can do to improve graphics on your site?
•What are the alt tag standards and what you should add?
•How many words should be on each page?
•How to get Google to come through your site daily
•How to write for Google and your visitors?
•Do you know when and why you should use H1, H2, and H3 HTML Tags?
•Why blogs are so powerful
◦12 ways to improve your blogs for SEO
•Why you should know the history of SEO?
Intermediate SEO Day 1 You Will Learn:
•How to create new pages for a highly focused SEO campaign
•Site maps – What do you need to know
•Link Relationships
◦In-bound links
◦Out-bound links
◦Building reciprocating links
•How to use No Follow tags
•How to install SEO tools
◦WordPress and why an account is so important and what to do with it next
◦How to use the top 20 SEO Tools
◦How to spy on your competitors in a key word campaign
◦How to track your key phrases and stay at the top
Lunch, Speaker TBA – Lunch and speaker fees $50.00

Guest Speaker will Teach:
•How to create the all important daily blog with no effort and in no time
•How to create featured articles without lifting a finger
Advanced SEO Day 1 You Will Learn:
•How to use:
•White Hat (Organic)
•Grey Hat (Paid Help)
•Black Hat (Like Cloaking)
◦When to use these? How? Why?
• How to build organic link farms
•How to build stitched profiling
•How to create powerful focused, high density, key word content
•10 fast ways to increase your Google ranking
•How to develop a day by day plan to get to the top of Google
SEO Day 1 Trick and Tips:
•Learn which, how to use and why:
◦SEO tools for tracking key phrases
◦Link building
◦Content work
◦System automation

SEO Day 1-Evening with TBA- Hands-On Workshop for $279.00 (includes dinner).
You need a WiFi ready laptop for this workshop.
For more information on this Toronto SEO Workshop on July 19th, 2010 hosted by All About Training, please call George Brown at 1-888-411-7858, or, visit http://www.internet-marketing-synergy.com/where-seo/toronto-seo-workshop/.

Official Website: http://www.internet-marketing-synergy.com/where-seo/toronto-seo-workshop/

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