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Groovy/Java Integration
Presented by Jeff Brown

Groovy is an agile dynamic language for the Java platform. Groovy has a Java like syntax along with many features inspired by languages like Python, Ruby and Smalltalk. This session covers a lot of ground including many interactive examples to highlight the powerful language features that make Groovy compelling. A lot of momentum is building in the Groovy and Grails communities right now and this session is aimed at Java developers who want to leverage the power of Groovy.

This session will demonstrate the power of Groovy and help Java developers understand how to leverage that power in their enterprise applications. Topics include:

* Everything Is An Object
* GStrings
* Closures
* Collections
* Groovy Builders
* Groovy Beans
* Categories
* Ranges
* Java Integration

About the speaker:

Jeff Brown is a Principal Software Engineer with St. Louis based Object Computing Inc. and a member of the core Grails development team. For over 10 years Jeff has been involved in designing and building object oriented systems.

Jeff currently teaches a number of Java and object oriented training courses in addition to doing consulting and mentoring work for industries including Aerospace, Financial and Medical. Areas of expertise include Java, agile web development with Groovy and Grails, distributed computing, object database systems, object oriented analysis and design and agile development. Jeff blogs at http://javajeff.blogspot.com/.

Official Website: http://www.jug.org

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