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Toronto, Ontario

Location: Metro Convention Centre, North Building, 225 Front Street, Room 201D

Trends affecting the Future of Enterprise Java Development (2007)
Presented by Floyd Marinescu

There are a number of trends occurring that are rapidly changing the way we think about and develop Enterprise Java applications. This talk will give an update on the most important trends affecting Java that you should be paying close attention to, including:

* Annotations, Dependency Injection, and AOP
* Web 2.0 turning the internet into an application platform
* Domain Driven Design
* OSGi and the modern application server
* Service Oriented Architecture
* Open Source Java
* Java as a platform (not a language)
* The changing leadership in Java
* Open source business models

... and others that are changing the nature of software development in Java.

This talk will give an update on the most important trends affecting Java that are currently growing and will become mainstream in 1-2 years that you should be paying close attention to.

About the speaker:

Floyd Marinescu is CEO and co-founder of InfoQ.com, the new Enterprise Software Development community for team leads, architects and project managers with daily content about Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, and Agile.
Previously, Floyd was the author of the book, EJB Design Patterns, and created TheServerSide.com. Floyd also publishes a blog on Enterprise Java topics at http://dynamicsemantics.blog-city.com/.

Official Website: http://www.jug.org

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"The it360 conference has invited the JUG to hold our meeting at their location.
So, the May meeting will not be held at our regular Ryerson location, rather it will be held at the Metro Convention Centre, North Building (225 Front Street) Room 201D.
If you have some extra time on Tuesday, please support the conference by going in early and registering to attend some of the events there." - Steve