67 Front Street East
Toronto, Ontario

James Woods and Ryan Coleman are getting together on Wed, Dec. 13th after work and they just wanted to throw the invite open to any of the other local (or visiting) Campers. No agenda / Nothing Formal just drinks, food and conversation.

Plan is 6:00pm @ "C'Est What" (http://www.cestwhat.com/) at Front &

If you're planning on coming just drop a note in this thread so I can at least give them a heads up in the unlikely event we cross the line from "people" to "mob".

Official Website: http://groups.google.com/group/torcamp/browse_thread/thread/6f994f1916ab8485/a37669f66e0d34b6#a37669f66e0d34b6

Added by davidcrow on December 4, 2006



Hey folks - quick decision to be made if anyone has input it's appreciated.

12 is the max that we can make a reservation for - it also means we're stuck at a table which is also not mingle friendly. 13+ means proper party booking which gets into the whole deposit thing...

Given the nature of the meetup (drinks and conversation) - everyone cool with the casual bar area?