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Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Born of Osiris, See You Next Tuesday, Beneath the Massacre

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Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza
Eclectic and punishing extreme metal outfit Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza formed around the talents of Layne Meylain, Brad Thompson, Mike Butler, Mason Crooks, and Jessie Freeland in Murfreesboro, TN, a suburb of Nashville.

Born Of Osiris
BORN OF OSIRIS is said to be "an epic mix of intricate and memorable melodies with challenging time signatures that still hold an infectious groove, all while maintaining sheer, tasteful brutality."

See You Next Tuesday
Playing what they refer to as “Brutal grind for brutal dudes” See You Next Tuesday are four unassuming guys from suburban Michigan. Modesty aside, aficionados of brutal music will also note the band’s use of innovation and experimentation to expand the grind genre past blast beats and cookie monster growls. Main songwriter Drew Slavik (guitar) who never repeats chords in the band’s songs is obsessed with bringing back the 80’s shred style. Commenting on this he says “I only play vintage 80’s Kramers and made it my mission to bring back the whammy bar!” Similarly driven vocalist, Fox deliver screams ranging from high screeches to low bellows in a discernible delivery. Completing the arsenal, rhythm section of Andy Dalton (drums) and Travis Martin (bass) populate the bottom end with enough propulsion to launch an A-Bomb.

Beneath the Massacre
Coming from a rich, albeit relatively modern heritage of brutal Canadian death metal, BENEATH THE MASSACRE is perhaps the band most apt to take the title for the heaviest and most technical band from its northern forefathers. Mixing voracious, grinding double bass alongside stop-start guitar work and unhallowed death metal growls with a helpful does of destructive breakdowns and unparalleled technicality, the handful of new tracks that make up BENEATH THE MASSACRE’s debut full-length are a welcome addition to the heavy metal world.

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