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Wavelength 341B (@ The Sneaky Dees)
Trike | Tomboyfriend

You Are Invited to a Tomboyfriend Performance
Tomboyfriend will make their Wavelength debut on Sunday November the 26 th at Sneaky Dees, after several street outings and performances. We are one poet ( ryan kamstra ( scratch)), one illustrator and map-making social activist ( Marlena Zuber), one gtarist and jackass inspired performance artist ( Karilynn Ming Ho ), one robot and visual artist of the freak show ( Lindsay Fisher) and one bassist and scientist for the peoples ( Susan Bustos ). They play songs about androgyny, promiscuity, the economic opinion of Jeffrey Sachs, bisexuality,ultra-violence, high fashion, the plight of heterosexuality, cheerleaders, the wealth divide and what to do about romantic love. There is sprayed blood, costume changes and camp. There are participatory dance moves. You may wish to move back. The blood washes off.

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Added by Ryan Kamstra on November 1, 2006