1214 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Tomboyfriend & Friends
Present: Big Pride Stomp Down
with the Histrionics
Thursday June 26th 9pm-11pm
@ the Gladstone
The Melody Bar (where the karaoke is)
1214 Queen St. W.
Gladstone - 416 531 4635

Free Free Free

More Danceable than Ever! More Radical than Before! More Glamour than Ever! More Jello Blood!
Feat. Madonna! The End of Poverty! R. Kelly!

That night, we will be accepting donations for shelters of: new and gently used summer clothing for men, women and children, men's work pants, shirts and shoes, new (not used) undergarments for men, women and children, shoes for men, women and children, diapers (all sizes), non-perishable baby food such as Similac and Enfalac coffee and tea, peanut butter and margarine, non-perishable canned goods (including meats, soups and vegetables), bundle buggies
* * *

About Tomboyfriend:

Pansexually tenanted, ticklish-terrible, veritably the low-ends and high-pops of the rainbow, Tomboyfriend is the art-house sock-hop house-band of the surrogate, strange, detouring, kindersurprise of a future. With a line up of variant show boats, musicians, writers, visual artists, ingenues, known for wild performances, dancing pigeons, marching bunnies, costume parties, gender inspecifics, and the spraying of Jello blood, they are politics for the end of politics, for petting parties, something for a ladyfriend, a bird to have chirp on your shoulder. Drawing on influences as far aflung as cabaret, blues, punk, folk, glam, high cerebra and art rock, expect them in full ahead Pride Party Mode, for, sir, to get your freak off, for, ma'am, (spoiler alert!) a harrowing re-experience of Mage's Express Yourself. O, and subterranean sing-along: The End of Poverty. http://www.myspace.com/tomboyfriend.

Now Magazine:
"Cleverly warped crunchy pop deconstructions of bisexuality, promiscuity, fashion and more; what nerdcore kids and those who love them get down to on the dance floor. "

FAB Magazine: "Think a more-left-wing Hidden Cameras with a crazy fun Keith Cole aesthetic, minus the on-stage golden showers (just the spraying of faux blood made from Jell-o and cupcake icing). Includes offkey singing that encourages the crowd to join in."

Said The Gramaphone: On single "The End of Poverty."
"This song is scrawny, and stubborn, and dirty. It's underdressed, shows up late, and is a loud drunk. It waves and yells to friends from across the street, and borrows DVDs and button-up sweaters for years at a time. It eats terribly, chewing on a pizza slice with a golden grin. It's one charming motherfucker. But a motherfucker none the less."

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/tomboyfriend

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