314 E. Liberty
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

Experiencing a Tom Simmons show is like watching your best friend entertain you with today's top headlines. Always one to be relatable to the "everyman," Tom enjoys talking about politics, religion, minor absurdities of everyday life and how all these issues affect him and his family. As a new father, Tom uses his "question everything" attitude to keep honest as he justifies his radical views to his son. You've seen Simmons on BET's "Comic View" numerous times as one of the few non-African American comics because Tom is just that socially relatable to all audiences. Tom's sincerity has given him critical acclaim in various publications across the country as a "true original" that is "very down to earth" and a "reactionary revolutionary with a good heart." Tom is one act you don't want to miss as he has proven himself to the industry at comedy festivals like Montreal and Boston. He is a favorite comedian at top clubs all across the country and cuts from all three of his CD's are played regularly on both XM and Sirius. Be sure to catch Tom Simmons so you can say, "I saw him when..." "...he used clich├ęs at the end of his bio."

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Added by aacomedy on November 2, 2005