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(From The Ark's web site):
Tom Russell is a a longtime Ark favorite, a southwestern songwriter who over the years has made his way from Los Angeles to El Paso (by way of Nigeria, Spain, Vancouver, Austin, San Francisco, New York, and Florece, Arizona). His gift for big historical story songs is unmatched, but no less accurate is his eye for the disillusionment of the barroom and for the undersides and back streets of the great state of Texas. He's written top country hits ("Outbound Plane," with Nanci Griffith) and incredibly complex songs that are like perfectly crafted short stories ("Touch of Evil," or many others). Maybe the most amazing thing about Tom Russell's songs is how many good ones there are--18 albums' worth to date. And now, we're proud to welcome one of the premier songwriters of our time on the occasion of the release of his 19th album "Love and Fear."


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