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Denmark's Family Underground create lurching drones and electronic strangeness utilizing guitar, electronics, percussion and various debris lying around. Tara Burke of Philadelphia employs voice, guitar, organ, dulcimer, accordion, Casio and more to create her acid folk as Fursaxa, featuring hypnotic, echo-y churchbell chanting. Since forming Axolotl in 2004, Karl Bauer has continually proven he can do anything with a drone. On nearly 20 records made mostly alone, he has explored texture, ambience, aggression, and rhythm, without ever sounding generic or indistinct. His approach is simple: thick drones made with violin, electronics, and voice, sometimes accompanied by primitive percussion. The key to his hypnotic music isn't volume or density, but the way he mixes sounds and builds momentum. Tom Carter has spent his entire career in the world of improvisational music, with his regular group Charalambides, as a solo performer, and as a member of various other groups devoted to free improvisation and psych-folk. Maleficia is the work of Bay Area noise artist Andy Way (French Radio, NF Orchest) and avant-vocalist Ilysea Simpson, featuring evocative vocalizations, distortion, static, and turbulent noise.

Official Website: http://www.21grand.org/webcal/view_entry.php?id=104&date=20070813

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