1 S Saginaw St
Pontiac, Illinois 48342

Monday 10/8/2007 9:00 PM 21+ $12.00
Tokyo Police Club
with White Denim
and The Virgins

The gentlemen of Tokyo Police Club grew up dreaming of rock stardom—playing air guitar, lip syncing to songs in front of the mirror, and practicing interviews before bed. One fateful day, Dave, Graham, Greg, and Josh decided to learn some instruments and write some songs. It took a few years and a few bands before the four friends created Tokyo Police Club. The first ten shows or so attracted crowds of friends and parents. There were plenty of cupcakes to go around. Soon a reputation for infectious songs and exuberant live performances added to the decadent baked goods and an unstoppable musical force was born.

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Sorry about the date, not sure what happened. All fixed now.

Anyone have a spare ticket? I procrastinated too long.