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PRIME TIME Presents TODD TERJE (Full Pupp)



Following a string of celebrated releases leaning on everything from kitschy euro sounds to deep funk and Latin jazz to his recent 12" for RVNG's Revenge of the Nerds series and his rousing mix of Simon Baker's "Plastik", Todd Terje has stormed the dance music scene and made a mark across several genres. Gems such as the cheese monster "Eurodans" and the latin disco-fuelled edit of Jacko's "Can't Help it" under his Tangoterje edit-moniker instantly made industry types and clubbers alike go bananas, and whatever the 25 year old Norwegian puts his fingers on, it always comes out with that crucial blend of musicality and playfulness. Besides working on his own projects, Terje's played on and remxied fellow Norwegian Prins Thomas & Lindstroms productions.

Is it house, funk, techno or disco? Terje is speaks of catchy rhythms, dubby sounds, dreamy synth layers, cinematic moods, a playful approach and searching for that one nerve when asked to describe his music, and the resistance to being pigeonholed is obvious. His next ambition is to make a concept album ala Voyage's first "around-the-world" release, if he can find time between other projects, studies and DJ gigs. Terje has already played around Europe, and is looking forward to playing Prime Time at LOVE in NYC this summer. "I both like playing big room/macho style, but at the same time it's the girls I play for really. So I guess it's a mixture of high octane, leather homo-disco done up with mambo, coconuts and lipstick". Definitely one to mark your calendar for....

Official Website: http://www.eamonharkin.com

Added by eamon_j_harkin on August 8, 2008