Douglas Way
Deptford, England SE8 4AG

goodbye westminster. hallo costa del thames...
One small part of the world declares peace, unity and good times...

"That's why we (and the New York Times and now pretty much everyone) love Deptford."
(South London Press - Jun 009)

(from the world on the news).
Friday 3rd July (Evening until early hours)
Saturday 4th July (All Day until early hours)
All events are either free or cheerfully cheap.

Art, Music, Dance, DJs, Comedy, Foods, Word, Urban Village Fete, Film Festival, Cabaret, Parties, Stalls, Juggling, Markets, BBQ, Open Studios, Tea Rooms, Horse, Cart and Magic Love Bus! For children of all ages up to 150, It's all going down in this old sailor's town. Map:

They will come... Kids Love Lies, Bleech, Edit/Select, Dynamo Garage, Sound Of Rum, Bogus Gasman, Anita Maj, Shiva, Blesbock, Lonesome Cowboys From Hell, Tape The Radio, Jimmy & The Banned, Debasers, Demi & THe Boys, Decks Ray Spex, Juke, Chinese Fireworks Company, OMDJs, Romantico Manifesto, DJ Dax, Basshoven, OddKidd, Damian Renouf, Anthony Love, Ant Morgan, Invisible Alex, Anita McKeown, Greatest Hits, Bella Donnas, Matt Daley, John Drain, My Pet Shadow, Limn, Gendre 18, The Little Devils, Bob Constant, Smoke And Money, One Foot Cow, Josh Fisher, Naked With Horses, Zej, Wagga Wagga, Jay Kenzo, Glitterpony, 462 and more coming on board D.E.P.T.F.O.R.D. style

Unqulture Indoors & Outdoors @
The Albany, Douglas Way, (between Amersham Vale and Deptford High Street), SE8 4AG
020 8692 4446 +
The Birds Nest, 32 Church Street, (Top of Creekside, behind Deptford Arms on High Street), SE8
The Bunker, 46 Deptford Broadway, (New Cross Road top of Deptford High Street), SE8
Deptford Arms, 52 High Street (Middle of the Market), SE8 4RT
Giffin Square Market (where Deptford High Street meets Douglas Way) SE8
The Old Deptford Police Station, 114 Amersham Vale (down from New Cross Station), SE14
High Street Market (traditional East End), Douglas Way Market (boot sale, booty, space port and magic mart), The Deptford Project (Arts, Crafts and Surreality at the train carriage cafe on the high street).

It's Independence Day in the deep south (i.e. a whole six minutes one stop from London Bridge in zone 2)
FILM FESTIVAL - Catch the People's Cinema in the market. IINDEPENDENCE DAY - SOUTHERN STYLE
2pm-6pm Giffin Square - ASU presents the work of independent film-makers from South London, Republic of Ireland, Memphis, Tennessee. & New Orleans, Louisiana. Four hours of shorts, screened in a market stall
... and look out for late night wall projections! A taste of The Big Easy in The Little Easy and

Hear the PROPOGANDA RADIO SHOW preview of TODAY DEPTFORD on Thursday 2nd July broadcasting live at 7pm on - best new underground buzz tunes from electro, hip hop, new wave, whatever and featuring exclusive interviewes, sessions, gig previews and reviews. This is also the station's Open Night. To drop in visit the site. The Propoganda Radio Show will also be reporting and interviewing from the event on Saturday 4th July. Get in there!

TODAY DEPTFORD, TOMORROW THE WORLD is presented by A Madcap Coalition, ASU, Friends Of The Creek, & (The New Cross Boutique), OMDJs, Temporary Contemporary, Toejam, I'm Really Excited About Deptford, The Unplugged Sessions, Reclaim The Beats, Nestival, Solidarity Federation, Gravity Guide, Propoganda Radio, Music Tourist Board of Rocklands and some lively imaginations!

Costa del Thames... ART BEAT of London.

Official Website:

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