423 N Main St
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

Back together since going their separate ways in 2002, the Toadies hit the road to celebrate the release of their new LP, 'Play.Rock.Music.' The current lineup features Todd Lewis on vocals and guitar, Mark Reznicek on drums, Clark Vogeler on guitar and Doni Blair on bass. Formed in Fort Worth, TX, back in the mid-90s, the Toadies are best known for the hit singles 'Possum Kingdom' and 'Away' from their 1994 debut album 'Rubberneck.' Over the years, they earned a reputation for raw, guitar driven rock with Lewis' "abstract" lyrics. After a six-year gap, the band had issued 'Hell Below/Stars Above,' dippping further into heavy metal sludge. Now, after on-again, off-again fit and starts, they are back to being a raw, commanding rock band. As Lewis says of his own band, "Things are done a little askew. There's just something wrong with it that's just really cool...and unique in a slightly uncomfortable way."

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