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To Google or Not to Google?

That is the question!

Shall we suffer the endless calls of "just get Google!"?
Or take arms against a sea of "search stinks" comments, and by iterating, end them?

Google quietly entered the Enterprise Search market in early 2002. Analyst firms dismissed it as a tool for sophisticated environments, assigning it to the realms of inexpensive, simple, DIY search. The product line has grown since then, and has gone on the offensive in terms of marketing. New capabilities, notably the ability to integrate with Google Desktop Search for Enterprise, are renewing calls to "just get Google." Is it right for your organization? Perhaps. Join us as we discuss the factors an organization ought to consider before making the switch, including administration capabilities, focused collections, metadata and taxonomy use, customizations and more.

Is it To Be, or Not to Be? We'll help you decide.

Presenter: Christine Connors

Official Website:

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I'm a little confused, Seth. Am I correct in my research that you're promoting a 50$ conference call?


$50 for this? I should move back to Silicon Valley..

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