1222 Commonwealth Avenue
Allston, Massachusetts

Tonight the new album from Tiny Amps drops at Great Scott; be there to hear the bang.

Tiny Amps will have Allston Rock City living up to its moniker, and bring their A-Game to this multi-media release show. Make sure you cop a copy of "Trill & Swagger" as its rate of sale will closely approximate that of hot cakes.

Da Bill:


Mad Man Films

Tiny Amps

Also, keep your peelers open for a guerrilla screening of a short film by William Gare.

From a recent review in the Weekly Dig:

"The album's first track, 'Dance on a Crowded Floor,' sets the tone: A guitar trudges forward?wanting to dance, but not making it?while [singer Jeff] O'Neil growls wistfully about broken hearts and such. It's a strange arrangement, and a tribute to the band's complexity and songwriting abilities. The individual melodies are light, leaping all over the place, but the songs themselves are surprisingly dark and methodical. 'Backbone' and 'Salt in the Sand' are more of the same, which is to say, they're excellent, unpretentious and guitar-heavy. ... Plus, 'Zombies' is the sweetest little ditty about the rampaging undead you'll ever hear."

From a recent review on SCTAS.com:

"As if 'Icky Mettle'-era Archers of Loaf (in the vocal delivery - so very solid) and Dinosaur Jr. - around 'Hand It Over' (in the instrumentation & timing) - became some angelic beam of light that appeared from the falling sky to save 'rock' as we know it, Tiny Amps positively chisel out a fan-fucking-tastic debut with 'Trill & Swagger.' Yep - that's exactly how I feel, start to finish - listen after listen."