487 Driggs Avenue, Williamsburg
New York City, New York

I want to introduce you to the South. The South not too many people know exists. And no, I don't mean the "Taladega Nights" South, although I think Will Ferrell as NASCAR driver 'Ricky Bobby' is funny as hell - What I'm talking about is the cool, the hip, the art elite and the dirty street. I'm talking about a culture that has emerged from classic Southern tradition, but evolved with city living and excessive amounts of caffeine and cheap draft beer.

This is a story about a Southern contemporary collaborative - they go by TindelMichi and they’re coming to New York City for their first major exhibition this fall. As simple as this sounds, the easiest way to describe TindelMichi is – “Two fat southern boys that paint,” they coined the term themselves, so I don’t feel bad about calling them fat. John Tindel and Michi both reside in a land of easy going, charm, country, and crunk. They are from the South, they love it – and they want you to love it too.

TindelMichi Present:

Redneck Graffiti

Opening night:
Friday, October 13 - 7 to 9PM
Jack the Pelican
487 Driggs Ave, between N. 9 and N. 10
New York, NY

TindelMichi present Redneck Graffiti // Oct. 13 - Nov. 11
Gallery Hours // Thurs - Mon 12-6PM

for TindelMichi online go to:


Jack the Pelican contact info:

www.jackthepelicanpresents.com or 718.782.0183

Official Website: http://www.thecreativelife.com

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