Sava riverbank next to Branko's bridge (Brankov most)
Beograd, Beograd

Timo Maas at Poseidon boat-club

Tickets: 900din.

Added by shonzilla on March 15, 2006



Night was openned by DJ Leon. New name to me. He was suprisingly good. Followed by DJ Puki, who started ripping up the bassbins. The man of the night Timo started at 1am. He justified my expectations (rooted in Urban Experience event at Kalemegdan somewhere in 2003 I think). The energy in the place was sky high. Many smiling faces (not all of them thanks to music only, I guess). He managed to get the entire crowd really excited (putting "hands in the air like you just don't care") couple of times.

I bailed out at 3:15 (actually it was 4:15 due to daylight saving time going in less popular direction).

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