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Even though the field of healthcare has made great technological strides in the past few decades the typical patient record still looks like the patient record of 50 years ago. As part of the Obama administrations effort to modernize this field of healthcare several incentives are being offered to improve this field of healthcare.

Patient Healthcare Records – what does it involve?

PHR involves putting patients in control of their health information, store it in a central location, and make it easy to share and update. As simple as it may sound, the task is complicated because not only do these records need to serve the patients they also need to serve doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, insurers, pharmacists, hospitals, clinics and government regulators.

Join us on Sept 17th for a discussion of this important field of healthcare and the entrepreneurial opportunities.

Malcolm Costello, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Relations, Kryptiq
Grad Conn, Sr. Director, Microsoft HealthVault, Microsoft Corporation
Will McKinney, Vice President, Consumer Directed Health Systems Regence, Regence
Nitin Rai, President & CEO, First Insight Corporation

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