101 Howard Street, Suite 500
San Francisco, California 94105

This is an open invitation to anyone who'd like to meet up for a TiddlyWiki meeting in San Francisco! We're planning an event called TiddlyWest, which will be co-hosted by Eric Shulman (TiddlyTools / ELS Design Studios) and Osmosoft.

The event will take place at the Wharton West in San Francisco from 5-9pm on 18 June, in classroom 5A on the 5th floor. Clear directions will be posted at the venue.

We'll start the event with an introduction to TiddlyWiki (tailored for people who are in the room), then assign 60-90 minutes to show and tell for all community members who want to partake. Please let us know in advance if you have something TiddlyWiki-related that you'd like to show, and we'll add you to the list - once we have a complete list, we'll let you know how long you'll have. Probably 10-15 minutes, including time for questions.

After the show and tell, Jeremy Ruston (original designer of TiddlyWiki) will have an open discussion about how the community, project and product development works.

Then we'll have a Q&A session with Jeremy, Eric, and potentially a few other TiddlyWikians. Do let us know if there is anything in particular that you're interested in hearing about!

Afterwards we're planning to head over to the Thirsty Bear, it's on the same street as the venue: http://www.thirstybear.com/

If you'd like to attend, we need to know you're coming so your name is on the door. Please sign up here and let Phil Whitehouse of Osmosoft know by emailing hello AT osmosoft DOT com, and we'll make sure you're kept informed of any changes planned.

Official Website: http://groups.google.com/group/TiddlyWiki/browse_thread/thread/81487e8c0a908a8

Added by Phillie Casablanca on June 11, 2008