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Podcasting has exploded, growing dramatically over the last year. At its inception, podcasting was a form of audioblogging -- homemmade radio programs covering everything from politics to underground music, distributed via RSS. Now major media outlets are getting into podcasting, pumping out prebroadcast radio programs over the net and even providing just-in-time audio commentaries for TV shows. There's even a radio station, KYOU, that broadcasts nothing but podcasts, and satellite radio is also starting to get into podcast programming. Soundseeing tours -- volunteer audio tours distributed as a podcast -- cover everything from Miami Beach to MoMA. Our guests will be CC Chapman and Andrew Grumet. CC Chapman's popular podcast Accident Hash features the independent New England area music he has a passion for, and Andrew Grumet, co-author of iPodder and creator of Gigadial, a service that lets you become a "feed-j" by putting together RSS-based streams of your favorite podcasts.

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Added by Hybernaut on June 21, 2005