112 Sw 2nd Ave
Portland, Oregon 97204

We want to open dialogue between all members of the tech community - corporate & indie, young & old, geek & nerd - to help figure out how we build a community that will survive & thrive during this economic downturn.

Based on a recent poll, we learned that 82% of tech folks in the area believe that it is important for us to explore new ways of coming together and learning from each other to survive & thrive in this time of economic uncertainty.

Additionally, 62% of the 225 respondents said that they would be interested in participating in a networking event to discuss how we can do this.

Official Website: http://softwareassociationoforegon.ning.com/events/thrive-pdx

Added by Oregon Harvey on October 31, 2008



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Count me in, although I really don't think there's a big "wall" between two "different" groups of people. I think it's more of a spectrum. And every local "geek" event I go to leaves me more and more encouraged. I've met a lot of people with incredible leadership skills. That's really key, because despite the difficulty of a lot of the technical things we do, the fact is that there are a lot of brilliant people in the world who can do this stuff. What makes the difference is leadership and people skills.


I am very interested in learning more about the long term strategies that will be proposed from this meeting. I want to gather a group to work towards a social networking site the build community. Please visit www.cascadiacommons.org to learn more. Cascadia Commons supports the development of a bioregional community + developing strong neighborhoods.


I would love to attend but.... I have to work.

Also: why do I have to register with the SOA's ning just to find more information about the event? Fail.


you dont have to register for this event, we're just linking it all over the web with the same information on all the sites