Interstate 20 and Wilson Road
Terrell, Texas

Haunted Verdun Manor:
In 1901, Baron Michael Verdun, a psychopathic werewolf, built a grotesque house on Voodoo Bayou. Deep within the recesses of his manor, he conducted cruel experiments on travelers, turning them into human-animal hybrids. Together with his vampire wife Lady Cassandra, he hosted fiendish masquerades, serving human flesh to his inhuman guests. Finally, one stormy night, angry vigilante mob set the manor afire and murdered Verdun and Cassandra. Verdun's dying words swore vengeance upon all who dare enter his realm. Haunted Verdun Manor has stood silent for these many years, but folks still whisper about Verdun's final curse. It is said Baron Verdun and his creatures still haunt the rotted mansion and overgrown cemetery. Those brave enough to enter Verdun Manor must dare both Voodoo Bayou and the old graveyard before reaching the manor itself.

VooDoo Bayou
The Bayou surrounding the Verdun Manor Grounds. A thick fog obscures your vision as you try to feel you way out. The creatures of the Bayou aren't friendly to visitors and they can't wait to show you why

Cassandra's Labyrinth of Terror:
Come one, come all!!! Lady Cassandra D'Arque proudly presents her Labyrinth of Terror. Decapitated a century ago, her angry spirit still infuses these very walls, refusing to rest in peace. Twisted to match her shattered mind, the Labyrinth is filled with vignettes from Cassandra's disturbing past. All her fractured memories are sure to excite and frighten you. Quite insane, Lady Cassandra undead spirit challenges you to see the world as she does.

Dr. Lycan's Trail of Torment:
Eager to assist Baron Verdun with his unspeakable experiments on innocent travelerspassing by the old plantation, the eminent Dr. Lycan, a one time psychologist said to have gone mad once bitten by Lady Cassandra, has broughthis own psychic madness to life. As an effort to create a virtual guide into his own psyche, Dr. Lycan has turned the human-monster creations loose across the land. For the sick purpose of his own studies on behavior and interaction between the monster-human creations and humans, Dr. Lycan attempts to regain his sanity by luring in naive and curious humans every year throughout the tenth month. Come walk through Dr. Lycan’s trail of psychic realm, and decide for yourself what is real and what is just a delusion played upon your mind by the horrific Dr. Lycan.

Granny Lupus's Séance Theatre:
Prepare to be amazed! Granny Lupus, elderly matriarch of the Verdun family, opens her secret Séance Theatre to the public at long last. You will be asked to bear witness to physical manifestations of the spirits that haunt the Verdun estate. Expect a dazzling display of enigmatic ectoplasmic entities and fearless flying phantoms… The dead are restless and Granny Lupus is stirring them up like nobody else can!

Maze of Chaos
Take a disorienting trip through a web of light, sound, and metal. If you can survive the terror that awaits, you may find your way out.

Housed in a Victorian building on the top of a hill, Thorn Hall is a chilling experience in sensory overload. This developing attraction plays with your senses with your senses by removing one constant, light. Experience what Mortimer Thorn has in store for you.

Six Feet Blunder
Texas’ first 4D sit-down attraction! Produced by Skulltronix, “Six Feet Blunder” hits all the senses with the exception of taste. The patron will be immersed in a funeral home gone bad as they experience a unique mortuary adventure utilizing amazing state of the art special effects. They won’t know whether to laugh, cry or scream.

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