1 Yacht Rd off Marina Boulevard
San Francisco, California 94123

Three Bridge Fiasco is a sailboat race opened to singlehanded and doublehanded divisions. The course is to round the 3 San Francisco Bay bridges (Golden Gate bridge, Bay bridge and Richmond-San Rafael bridge) in any order and in either direction. Always a very fun race!

Official Website: http://www.sfbaysss.org/2008/PDF/three_bridge_sailing_instructions_2008.pdf

Added by splihon on January 13, 2008



What a great day! Very tacticle race with fluky breezes and currents. It took over twenty minutes to cover the last 100 yards to the finish with no wind and a building ebb carrying us seaward away from the mark. Alas, we made it and saw one the most beautiful sunsets whilst sailing back to Richmond. The city sparkled like a diamond.


Took some pictures on our way from SF round Yerba Buena, Red Rock, Racoon Strait, and back to SF - http://www.pbase.com/estey/three_bridge_2008