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Three Australian naval officers have one night on shore leave in Sydney before they board HMAS Dignity and ship out to the Gulf. Troubled Sam (Ewan Leslie) is looking for any excuse not to go to sea; Dean (Toby Schmitz) carries a guilty secret while attempting to meet up with his fiancée and future in-laws; while cocky Harry (Matthew Newton) wants to get wasted and get laid, to drag the others through one night of excess before reporting for duty. The differing personalities, conflicting agendas and tensions between the men ensure for an eventful night on the town.

Matthew Newton directed, wrote and features in this excellent drama, an admirable example of low-budget, uncomplicated filmmaking, with an emphasis on honest characterisations and believable dialogue, suggesting John Cassavetes was a bigger influence here than Stanley Donen. Tense, often funny and sometimes dark, Three Blind Mice is a brave comment on masculinity and the world we live in that is admirably sincere. Newton has managed to assemble some of Australia's finest acting talent in front of camera, while his ability behind it is unquestionable; his direction here is confident and assured.

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