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Web Based Integration with Dr Jim Webber

As integration capabilities become an everyday part of development, the enterprise application integration vendors were quick to realise their traditional business model was under threat. On the back of their large installed bases, vendor products were offered to customers to help them deploy and manage their attempts to develop Service Oriented
Architectures, with the implication that middleware remains a prerequisite to create successful distributed systems.

In this talk Jim will discuss how protocol-centric approaches like the Web and RESTful styles can constitute a robust integration fabric, providing the same benefits as proprietary middleware without vendor lock-in, and show how incremental, endpoint-centric integration is a viable strategy for Service-Oriented systems.

About the Presenter

Dr. Jim Webber is director of professional services for ThoughtWorks where he works on dependable distributed systems architecture for clients worldwide. Jim was formerly a senior researcher with the UK E-Science programme where he developed strategies for aligning Grid computing with Web Services practices and architectural patterns for dependable Service-Oriented computing and has extensive Web and Web Services architecture and development experience. As an architect with Hewlett-Packard, and later Arjuna Technologies, Jim was the lead developer on the industry's first Web Services Transaction solution. Jim is an active speaker and is invited to speak regularly at conferences across the globe. He is an active author and in addition to "Developing Enterprise Web Services - An Architect's Guide" he is working on a new book on Web-based integration. Jim holds a B.Sc. in Computing Science and Ph.D. in Parallel Computing both from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

His blog is located at http://jim.webber.name.

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Jim was pretty good last time, so it imagine this will an interesting talk as well.