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Manchester, England M13 9PL

Save the Videogame

Videogames are disappearing.
No, really. They are.

Consoles, cartridges, discs, and tapes gather dust in lofts. Crucial prototypes get thrown away when studios go bust, rare versions of classic games are lost forever. Every day, we lose bit of our history.
We need a National Videogame Archive.
Luckily, we've just started one.

Tonight, Iain Simons and James Newman will be explaining the origins of this new project, and addressing the issues surrounding digital heritage, inviting you to have your say in the preservation of this most important of cultural forms.

Issues addressed will include:

- Cultural Elitism
- How to preserve Fan-Culture
- The challenges of translation and access
- Horace goes Skiing

As well as being an incisive look at the cultural and technical challenges of digital preservation, Save the Videogame will also feature plentiful opportunities for the audience to win prizes.
We've enjoyed games for years.
They need our help now.


Added by Richard Filippi on January 7, 2009