951 Hudson Ave.
San Francisco, California 94124

Come to the sneak preview of Flaming Lotus Girls 2009 Burning Man sculpture, Soma.

Soma, created by the Flaming Lotus Girls, captures the essence of a neuron. Spinning balls of fire act as nuclei within the dodecahedron cell bodies. Dendrites extend up into the sky and reach down to the earth, emitting constant flame and color changing light. Along her axon, extend eighteen individually controlled fire effects across the stainless steel arch with sequenced LEDs on the underside.
Come see for yourself at the Flaming Lotus Girls Soma Art Preview!

Bring the friends you want to impress with your BIGā€¦brain. Let the Flaming Lotus Girls stimulate all five of your senses, as only they can!

SEE! Molecular structures on a monumental scale! Challenge your rods and cones with sights never before seen!

TOUCH! The sculpture; send mysterious messages through stainless steel, fire, and electricity. Ply your propriocepters by punching buttons.

HEAR! Live bands & DJs. Stimulate your glutamate with funky grooves.

TASTE! Cash BBQ & bar. Get your GABA flowing with lively libations.

SMELL! Propane!!!!!! Pump up your adrenalineā€¦ fight or flight, baby!

Official Website: http://flaminglotus.com

Added by catie_magee on July 16, 2009