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Psychoactives...the name itself conjures up hundreds of images: hippies at Woodstock, those "well acted" anti-drug PSAs, even Colombian drug cartels. One thing is for sure, human history and psychoactive use are intertwined.

The term psychoactive covers a wide range of compounds...ranging from caffeine & alcohol to heroin & meth. Within that range, there again exists a wide range of use...historical use, cultural use, recreational use, and abuse.

But what do psychoactives reveal about our brain and its neural mechanisms? the connection between our mind & body? our spirituality?

These questions & more will be answered by our panel this month. Dr. David Presti is Professor of Neurobiology at UC Berkeley. Fire & Earth are founders of the member supported site Erowid, delivering access to information about psychoactives.

For once, we're going to have an honest discussion on psychoactives. Starting with the science, moving into historical/cultural use, and finally discussing the social impact today.

This discussion will be driven by YOU. No presentations. No fancy powerpoints. Just your questions, your experience, and your curiosity.


Official Website: http://www.sciencecafesf.com

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