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Course Description:

Companies recognize that information protection requires close cooperation with suppliers, vendors and partners. This webinar on information security assessment will highlight the principal steps or methodology for performing a third party information security assessment. It will discuss the practicality of these steps and the implementation factors. It will take the attendees through the examples on how this methodology was tested.

Course Objective:

This presentation will examine the most important and relevant steps needed to safeguard a company’s information from unauthorized or accidental modification, damage, destruction, or disclosure in an environment that the company doesn’t have total control over it. It will cover the main benefits and constraints that can face while evaluating the information security controls in a third party. It will also discuss about the use of ISO 27002 as a best practice for evaluating the existence of information security controls in an external organization. It will help the attendees with an understanding on how this methodology can assist organizations in understanding the security risks and threats that may exist within their environment. The instructor will review the three phases that must be conducted in order to understand and evaluate the information security environment of the third party

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