2050 Bryant St
San Francisco, California 94110

The SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS CARAVAN will host their third annual Convergence at CellSpace (2050 Bryant Street) to kick-off an another amazing journey through Mexico and Central America to Costa Rica traveling in buses that run on straight vegetable oil. Oil is a commodity whose life span is depleting quickly. Peak oil production could come as soon as next year, meaning that the price for every thing made from petroleum, including petroleum itself, will sky rocket. The Caravan's mission is to help inform the general public about the alternative energy and organic possibilities available to them, that not only help their bottom line, but also help our planet.

An all-star line-up with members of Hamsa Lila, Aphrodesia, Santa Cruz Samba Troupe, BIG TADOO Puppet Crew, DJ Little John, Lydia's Organics, Ariel Silk performance, Stilt walkers, Clowns, MC Betty Biodiesel, information sharing, community...what more could you really ask for? We invite all to attend. Sliding-scale donation: $15 and up. For tabling or artwork display availability please contact number above. Be at CELLSPACE, 2050 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, January 7, 2006, visual performances, live music begins 8pm.

"With a simple conversion, any diesel engine can be fueled in this way. It's even possible to use oil that has already been cooked with, which is a waste product that many restaurants like McDonald's pay to dispose of." - Stephen Brooks, Co-Founder of the Sustainable Solutions Caravan, the Punta Mona Center of Sustainable Living and Education, and the Costa Rican Adventures tour company *
The SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS CARAVAN was founded in 2003 to promote sustainability throughout the Americas, focusing on the use of renewable energies, organic farming, and sustainable lifestyles.

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