13 Brunswick Square
Hove, England BN3 1EH

Charlie Davies and Matt Weston are putting on a second
"Think what you would do if only you
had the money then figure out
how you can do it anyway"
workshop next Thursday 1 March, 7pm.

We haven't worked out exactly or inexactly what'll
happen, but have written a few things down which could
help you decide whether to come or not.

It is:

- a workshop for startups of any stripe: web app, art
project, green project, invention, vague idea, whatever

- a proper workshop in the chisels, hammers, workbenches
tradition (although these tools might or mightn't be
substituted by mouths, eyes, stuff from Rymans)

- £2

- at 13 Brunswick Square, BN3 1EH


- come prepared to collaborate

- approx two dozen people came last time
see http://upcoming.org/event/137881/
including Stuart, who throws bottles into the sea with
messages on them. If you send him a message, he'll stick
it in a bottle for you and throw it off Brighton pier. So
far, he's done 6,500 of them.
(You can even choose what kind of bottle to have
it thrown in.)

Added by mattweston on February 15, 2007