Sussex, England

In an afternoon, you’ll get the low down on what it’s about and how you can use it to promote your business.

Starting at 2pm, you will find
* How it can work if you own a restaurant or operate
in the global market
* Three ingredients for success
* Six Media Tools

To find the sixth, you'll have to come to the event!

Imagine, having people queuing up to be clients and customers based upon what they have read, viewed or listened about you, how their pain can be resolved — all without you being present! That’s what social media can do for you!

Delivered by Karen Purves

Karen is the Chief Marketer with Have More Clients. She is the author of the successful Social Media series. She runs workshops and programmes designed especially for small businesses to increase their marketing effectiveness and is active in social media marketing. Karen has 25 years marketing experience; she's been working with small businesses for most of that time. There is no better way to master a subject than teaching it and Karen has been doing that since 1995.

Where: Mack House, Gatwick Road, Crawley – directions are given in confirmation of booking,

Added by Karen Purves on April 22, 2009