Times Square
Newcastle, England NE1 4EP

Online social networks, utility software and hardware and a new focus on openness are changing the web. In turn, those changes are impacting all businesses in innumerable ways. From reducing costs on expensive infrastrure to reducing staff productivity with facebook.

This February find out if web 2.0 really is a good tool for business.

Official Website: http://thinkandadrink.com

Added by garethr on January 15, 2008



Sounds really interesting. Are plans or is there an equivalent in the distant south or London for those interesting in Web 2.0 for business?


Their are lots of events, big and small, in and around London. I've been along to a few - from The Future of Web apps set of conferences to the Mashup and Mashup Demo events. I'm not sure if their is something exactly the same though - Think and a Drink is operated by Codeworks - which is a support and networking organisation for Digital companies in the North East. Their may be similar setups in London?


Thanks for the pointers, Gareth. You're right though, not quite the same as I am looking for. I'm trying to find folks using Web 2.0 technologies inside of businesses or for B2B, rather than B2C.