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Who knows more about depression than comedians? Maria Bamford (Comedians of Comedy, Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, Variety's Top Ten Comics))
Will Franken (Good Luck With It, "Best SF Comedian") , Cynthia Levin (Comedy Central's "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn) and surprise therapy guests join comic and host Heather Gold ("I Look Like An Egg, but I Identify as a Cookie" "Best of the Bay"), and you. Is it possible to be a comic without first being depressed? What's your favorite chaser for psych meds? Are there Americans who aren't depressed? These and other fine answers await your participation at Comedians on Depression. Will not cause drowsiness, bloating or leakage. Cheaper than therapy.

Official Website: http://heathergold.com/show

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Will Franken is a friggin genius. And he will make you laugh.