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You want to keep your existing Java skills, but how do you leverage those with new tools that can make you more productive? How do you go about combining proprietary and open source tools? How can you design smarter, agile, more scalable applications? What criteria should you use to choose a framework? What about security? Persistence? And the buzz around SOA and Ajax?

This is our 7th year, and this year we have 8 tracks spanning 3 days:

Front-Line Java - Case studies from successful community implementations of various enterprise Java techniques and technologies.

Development Kung F00 - All of your language & coding questions answered.

The Framework Impasse - Explore your framework options and when best to work with each.

Speed - Get tips and best practices for high performance computing.

The Visionary - Covering the architect's role. Go in-depth on essential SLA topics, how to handle SLA failures, real-world examples and more.

From "Market"ecture to Architecture - Our SOA track, led by Mark Hansen, author, SOA Using Java Web Services. Cut through the hype, get practical advice, and learn from successful SOA implementations.

Checkpoints - Examining persistence. Is what you know about persistence right?

The Presentation Tier - Understand the server-side technologies at your disposal for creating rich interactive Java applications.

Register by February 22 to save $100. For more details, visit the TSSJS website or contact Tracey West at [email protected].

See you in Las Vegas!

Official Website: http://javasymposium.techtarget.com/lasvegas/index.html?Offer=JSyaev125

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