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Palo Alto, California 94303

Course Description:

This webinar will cover the food safety and hygiene issues that can arise from engineering work (both internal and via service contractors) and the measures to control the risks. It will discuss the role of the engineering team in enhancing food product quality and food safety.

Course Objective:

Food processors and machines are the major part of a food industry and engineering team play a major role in bringing out the product quality. By its invasive nature with regard to food production machinery engineering work and general maintenance bring a number of food safety and hygiene issues. Engineering work is not always a clean and hygienic process but once the work is finished the equipment is expected to produce safe product. This training will discuss the risks associated with the engineering issues in a food industry. It will also describe the importance of control measures and how to develop control measures in order to ensure the food product safety. Following areas will be discussed during the session:
• Selecting Equipment vs. Maintenance
• Objectives of maintenance and the areas it affects
• Developing a preventative maintenance plan
• Inspections and audits relating to engineering
• Temporary repairs (duct tape is not forever)
• Control of maintenance, cleaning and hand back
• What are contractors of services
• Risk assessing contractors
• Food Grade materials
• Workshops
• Engineers and the HACCP team
• Other areas, building fabric, machine hygiene and cleaning

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