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Dhani Harrison and friend Oli Hecks release their first album as Thenewno2, which borrows as much from Brian Eno and Massive Attack as it does from his dad’s band. You Are Here comes out March 31st on Vagrant Records.

Band Members:
Dhani Harrison on lead guitar, synths and vocals, Oli Hecks on drums and synths. Live Band members are: Dhani Harrison: Lead Vocals/Guitar, Oli Hecks: Drums, Jon Sadoff: Keyboards/Guitar/vocals, Jeremy Faccone: Guitar/vocals, Jason Hiller: Bass

"Of all the albums that rock-star spawn have released lately, singer-guitarist Dhani Harrison's first full-length may be the most experimental. There's no denying the vocal and melodic similarities between his duo Thenewno2 and his late father, George Harrison. But on You Are Here, Harrison and multi-instrumentalist Oliver Hecks take what they've borrowed from the Beatles, Brian Eno and Massive Attack in new directions, combining musique concrète, backward recordings and ambient synth flourishes into pop gems like "Back to You." The result is a subtle mix of gentle vocals and electronics, with layered beats, throbbing bass and occasional wailing guitar. From the loud and liberating ("Yomp") to the airy and psychedelic ("Hiding Out"), it's a promising debut." - Rolling Stone

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/thenewno2

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