5112 Gladwin Rd
Abbotsford, British Columbia

Typical tweetups meet at coffee shops or sports bars and they're fun, but you don't get to know people all that well. Not the way you would if you, say, looked square in the face of death together and laughed defiantly.

We'll meet at the Abbotsford Skydive Centre, get trained and then go up in groups of 5 for our dives. If we manage to find more than 5 people with the guts to do this, the rest of them will wait on the ground for their turn. Volleyball nets, Frisbees and a picnic area are there for the landlocked.

These will be tandem dives with a qualified instructor, so don't worry…too much.

There is one other stipulation…and I hate to bring this up…if you're over 220lbs, you can't dive…but you are welcome to come an be part of the party for free (the field is open to the public, so please come)

Added by rickmacmerc on April 3, 2010