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BUCKLE UP for a hair raising roller coaster ride through hell and back with 2 hysterical mad women, Ms. Judy Garland and Josephine Fleck accompanied by their sons Joey and Johnny who survive the ride. Gulp.

John Fleck’s work received national attention in 1990, when, along with three other performance artists, he became part of what was known as the “NEA 4.” Labeled by some political pundits as “too dirty to be funded”, the NEA 4 spearheaded a national campaign against artistic repression and won their Supreme court case against the National Endowment for the Arts. In 1998, the Supreme Court, with the backing of the Clinton Administration, overturned part of the case and determined that ‘standards of decency’ was constitutional. Soon after, the NEA eliminated all funding for ‘new genre’ categories.

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