5305 Bolm Road, suite 12
Austin, Texas 78721

The World Is Making Us Look Bad
A Collaborative Work By Three Artists And A Conceptual Director

On January 19th 2008 Big Medium (formerly Bolm Studios) is proud to host "The World Is Making Us Look Bad", a collaborative project / installation / art show by William Hundley, Paul Moncus, Stacey Farrar, and Peter VonDiest. The show is based on the concept that we human beings are completely blameless for the situations we find ourselves and our world in. Things seem to happen all around us and we are just along for the ride. We are just observers. This concept is played out in this show with installations, performances, drawings, and photographs and is unified by the ideas of blamelessness, detached observation, and direction from an outside source.

Mr VonDiest has communicated with Messieurs Hundley, Moncus, and Farrar via postcard-proposal and electronic mail. The work created from this gestalt (unholy alliance) will be on view at Big Medium's gallery from January 19th through February 23rd, 2008.

Everyman and Everywoman are encouraged to attend and offer their reactions to the work and the concepts via interactive projects and frivolous conversation.

Official Website: http://everyman.pmonk.com/

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