1210 H Street NE
Washington, District of Columbia

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, step right up for The Weirdo Show, the world-famous Congress of Curious Peoples. We present a genuine variety show featuring weird, strange, unbelievable freaks, wonders and curiosities, as well as the best in Burlesque, Vaudeville, Dance, Circus, Sideshow and Variety arts. And this month it's the Big Benefit Bonanza for Johnny and Charon. That's right, seminal members of the Palace family are in dire need, and the Weirdo Show stands ready to help. So Hurry hurry hurry, you won’t want to miss a single moment of our astounding assortment of aberrations of nature and culture! And every penny goes to Johnny's medical bills.

On Thursday May 15, you will see today’s most fabulous and fantastic Burlesque artist, the extraordinary L'il Dutch! You will be amazed by the unparalleled prestidigitation of the world-famous Conjurer Eric Henning! You’ll laugh ‘til it hurts with the eccentric Vaudeville Comedy of Phillips & Flathead. And as if that’s not enough, we will astound you with the mystical, marvelous and miraculous Glass Walking of Mab just Mab. And you will be dazzled by the trick roping of the world’s only known Scottish Cowboy, Johnny McLeod. You will also thrill to the pyrotechnic artistry of not one, but two fabulous Fire Dancers, the incredible Malibu and the incomparable Silver Raven. Plus a special guest attraction not featured on the outside!

And, of course, your talker for the evening, Professor Sprocket with his pitches, ballies and dings, presenting ten big acts for ten little dollars! And remember, every dime goes to help our very own Johnny and Charon! Named as "One of the Top Ten Reasons To Go Out During the Week" by the Washington Post, the Weirdo Show brings you the very finest in variety entertainment, all set in the sulfurous glow of the Midway of the Palace's own Museum of Oddities. In the words of the Washingtonian: "Now how can you pass that up, huh?" We'll see you at the Palace, pal!

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/professorsprocket

Added by sprocket on April 24, 2008



Hey Professor!
you have this listed as Thursday, May 22, 2008

I want to confirm that it's on the 15th, ya?