Damrak 277
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

The 12th CHI Netherlands conference focusses on mobility:

"The Web is in a state of motion: no longer is it primarily being accessed through PCs, but more and more does it find its way into our phones, our cars, on the streets and in buildings. And once there, the Web is interacting with us in smarter and richer ways than before. Bluetooth or RFID in a busstop personalises the map and advertisements, your friend’s car knows today’s best way to your home, your mobile phone suggests the best place to eat tomorrow, oh, and your online best friends (all 176 of them) will know you have been there before you have a chance to tell them."

Official Website: http://thewebandbeyond.nl/

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10 days to go! If you haven't registered yet, I suggest you do so before we run out of seats (325 out of 450 are gone).

Besides the publishes program, we also have the following interactive prototypes on show:
# maps/location based - Carl Lens - verbeterdebuurt.nl
# mobile applications - Javed-Vassilis Kahn - Reconexp, capturing and reconstructing user experience in situ
# social profiles/presence - Erik van Alphen - Stay in Touch
# mobile applications - Wouter van Dijk - Where did time go?
# mobile applications - Selene Kolman - Bliin: YourLIVE! Always There
# maps/location based - Suleman Shahid - A mobile routing system for older adults
# mobile applications - Mikael Wiberg - Interaction through textures
# location based/social - Jeroen Elfferich - Popkids