120 51st Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201

The Warriors
First Blood + Since The Flood + Too Pure To Die + Path To Misery

Bridgeport Entertainment Presents

The Warriors
Taking cues from the bands that inspired them, including 108, Inside Out and others, THE WARRIORS have crafted their own brand of mid-tempo, post-hardcore that resists classification. "I can't really say there is a band out there doing what they do," writes Michael Phillips from scenepointblank.com, although elements of the band's sound have drawn comparisons to Sick of it All, Rage Against the Machine and Madball. Lyrically, the band approaches themes that extend further than scene drama and ex-girlfriends. The band believes that it's important to consider events that are occurring outside the sphere of the hardcore scene. Guitarist Danny Phillips comments that, "it's essential, especially now, to recognize that there is a world outside the 'scene'. And although we wouldn't necessarily consider ourselves an overtly political band, there is certainly an attempt lyrically to set our music to a theme of real world social and political issues in this realm of hardcore/punk that has somehow lost many of its founding characteristicsincluding its genuine sense of outrage."

First Blood
Since The Flood
Too Pure To Die
Path To Misery

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