1317 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, California 94702

Friday, January 9 -- 8:30 pm
The Vowel Movement: A Beatbox Salon
Hosted by Tim Barsky, Kid Beyond, and Process

What is the Vowel Movement?

Get a bunch of beatboxers together in a small club on the first Tuesday of every month. Give 'em some mikes and a good PA system. Throw in some other instruments for flava. Stir well.
That's the Vowel Movement. We've got beatboxers of all kinds: black heads, white heads, Asian heads, Hispanic heads, male heads, female heads, high-school heads, Gen X, Y, & Z heads. More beatboxers are getting in touch with us every day.
The Movement is growing. Ignore it at your unfunky peril.

Information at http://www.thevowelmovement.com

1317 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley CA (map)
(510) 525-5054
All ages. $10 advance, $12 door.

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