2174 Market Street
San Francisco, California 94114

Vloggies: Online Video Awards

PEOPLE WHO ARE *NOT* NOMINATED IN THE VLOGGIES -- I HAVE BAD NEWS: there's a 250-person Fire Marshall limit in the Swedish American Hall and Cafe Du Nord (the after-party is at Cafe Du Nord) SO-- if you are NOT a nominee, please wait to see if you are coming until I finalize the list since there's around 500 submissions -- so I have to figure out who's attending the event -- not all 500 submissions are from different vloggers and not all the vloggers who are nominated can attend the ceremony.....

SO THIS MEANS VLOGGERS WHO ARE NOMINATED ARE FIRST ALLOWED TO COME, OK? doh, I had no idea we were gonna get this many people! yay! be nice, ok? I'm really sorry, it's my fault so be nice.

No, it's not an invite-only or a private event, it's just that there's a space limit so we have to let the nominees in first.

On Nov. 4 in San Francisco, the Vloggies will award the funniest, smartest, strangest and, in general, the best of online video a Vloggy. Instead of letting our panel of judges have all the fun, we're asking you to nominate and vote for your favorite Internet videos. Anyone is eligible for a prize - from the folks who bring us the best tools to vloggers to short filmmakers - all can be winners at the Vloggies. The community will pick out the cream of the crop.

For more information AND ALL YOUR SUGGESTIONS ABOUT THIS EVENT call or email Irina Slutsky at (816)352-2324 and [email protected]

Official Website: http://vloggiesSF.com

Added by irina slutsky on July 28, 2006



vloggie = a small 4-legged furry creature with a wireless webcam strapped to its head constantly transmitting Canine Generated Content.


Here vloggie vloggie vloggie!

Why won't you buffer when I click!


oh really

irina slutsky

we cant learn by others' mistakes!


Where are people staying? Any recommendations?


Several are staying at The York Hotel: http://www.yorkhotel.com/

Daniel Riveong


So how will you let us which of us non-nominees get to go?

Lookin' forward to it,


irina slutsky

i should know by wed thurs exactly who is flying into town etc. then um we'll just kill the guys at the door who work for the venue and run the place ourselves and if there's a fire, we'll vlog it and win a pulitzer. how's that for a plan?


Thanks for the info Enric! Looks like I'll be staying at the Diva though (needed a suite to shoot interviews). If anyone else is still looking and wants a swank hotel: http://www.hoteldiva.com.

- R


Cool, Robert. See ya there.

irina slutsky

yeah, i found the diva and send dan mcvicar there, my cohost and it seems perfect for us non-diva divas!


btw, not mentioned above but doors open at 6pm, show starts promptly at 7pm. open bar and hors douvers at 6. come early!