217 Carral St.
Vancouver, British Columbia

UPDATE: Due to such a large response we're moving to the Irish Heather (which is the bar you'd pass through to get to the Shebeen room anyhow). This means less walking and more beer and ajax! Yesssss.

Skip the presentation and head straight to the bar.

This is a completely informal hang out for developers interested in client side technologies but don't want to ever hear wtf Ajax stands for ever again.

Come, have a beer and relive the days of DHTML, mock Silverlight, mess around with Adobe Air or just get shit faced. Bring your laptop if you're up for it, we will be hacking, but you should feel no obligation to. Ad Hoc presentations are cool as long as they are not product pitches.

This event is kindly sponsored by the good people at Nitobi.

Added by brian.leroux on November 13, 2007



Great initiative. I invite you to continue the conversation about all things Ajax, JavaScript, Silverlight, Air and more on the Vancouver Ajax & Web 2.0 Developers Forum/Mailing List @ http://forum.vanajax.com


Q & A with Organizer Brian LeRoux on Rails, Ajax, Ruby-Generated JavaScript(RJS) and More (Part I) Now Online @ http://vanrb.wordpress.com/2007/11/16/leroux Enjoy.