365 Brannan
San Francisco, California 94107

Come on down to the Valleyschwag Ranch for a Hoedown like no other.

Schwag Fashion Show!
Jumpcut Video Awards!
Schwag Prizes for Every Guest!
Square Dancing! (maybe)

The event will be simulcast to the earth's six continents (and a few islands too).

Be sure to RSVP at http://valleyschwag.com/party to claim your spot on the wagon train.

365 Brannan Street, between 2nd and 3rd.

Official Website: http://valleyschwag.com/party

Added by jonathangrubb on July 5, 2006



shoot, don't think I can come now... got a friend's birthday celebration that night.


"simulcast to the earth's six continents," eh? but what will silicon valley groupies on other planets do?


Just like our friends in Antarctica, they'll have to make do with the time-delayed photostreams and vlog posts.


Hi Everybody.

The party is shaping up nicely with hundreds of RSVP's. It's gonna be good...

irina slutsky

and i'm gonna mc the fashion show in a special dress made out of schwag!


Two Upcoming.org lovers were in the fashion show, here and here!