39 New Montgomery
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94105

Come join us for a TUAW meetup at the House of Shields after Steve's keynote at WWDC 2007. We're buying the first round and giving away t-shirts, and who knows what else the dogcow might drag in? Moof!

Official Website: http://www.tuaw.com/2007/06/05/tuaw-crashes-wwdc-invites-friends-over-to-party/

Added by Victor Agreda Jr on June 5, 2007



Do you have to be 21?


Considering hitchhiking to SF and bringing a comfortable sleeping back so I can meet the readers. Otherwise - sorry I can't make it guys!




Couple of things:

please add the time zone information to the invite if you can, so it shows up at the correct time in iCal (for those of us coming from the east coast).

iCal says it starts and ends at 7 pm. Could you fix that too?


Victor Agreda Jr

alwillis, wont let me add the time zone-- but we're talking 8pm Pacific, actually. Ending around 1am, or whenever the bar closes!

Victor Agreda Jr

aarontait: I think you do have to be 21, sorry folks!


I'll be @ WWDC next year and will certainly attend. Let's start planning for MWSF 08.


See you there :)


21< peeps! I've never seen HOS check ID, so you should be fine. Just act confident and enter with the crowd.