55 Cyril Magnin St
San Francisco, California

Because some parties just NEEDED to be at 21+ venues like Harlot on Monday, let's have our own damn party with no minimum age! Everyone welcome, especially the under 21 crowd.

We've searched up and down on Yelp for a good/cheap restaurant in the area, and Siam Thai (http://www.yelp.com/biz/siam-thai-san-francisco) came out on top. It's a really cheap place - don't be expecting to spend like $30 on dinner here! - and it looks like it has decent reviews on yelp. Perfect for student budgets. As for the location of the restaurant, the entrance is on Mason and Ellis, sort of inside the Parc 55 hotel and not really on Cyril Magnin. The restaurant is also not called "Old Siam" either, it's "Siam Thai". Just walk around the hotel until you see it.

Ideally everyone coming should be a WWDC attendee, but nobody's checking ;)

Thoughts about what to do after dinner: people can just head out to one of the other non-21+ events (iPhone dev union, CPCoder Night, etc.) because they're all ending 10-11pm. Otherwise y'all are welcome to head over to my hotel which has a small indoor pool open until 10, and I'm bringing my wii for anyone who wants to play :)

Poke us on twitter - @janeylicious and @zadr - if you have any questions or something :)

Added by janeythecrazy on June 4, 2009